30 April 2018


an 8:15 appt at the doctor's office without the usual coffee and what not was a nuisance, but bp was outstandingly low and i'm betting cholesterol will be too when the test comes back --- and i weighed the least i've weighed this century, and probably for ten or fifteen years before that --- i no longer doubt the truth of my bathroom scales --- he asked me what's been going on --- i said trump is still president and john is still dead

and yesterday we had a great little introduction to angela's yoda grace dog --- sweet pup --- scrawny stray that showed up in their back yard, and lucked into a great situation --- guinness growled a little but will be fine with her --- the cat, not so sure: he got all fuzzed up so we picked the puppy up off the floor


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Anonymous said...

so glad she has good cousins. dex and yoda grace must work on their relationship.