06 April 2018


i spent the day doing taxes, and cursed john for dying before april 15 --- 😭 --- for the first time in forty years, he wasn't around to bless my returns --- in 1983 he even coded a little program for my commodore to keep up with my business expenses and what not --- this year's exercise was complicated by sale of the main st house, and it took me a while to identify the "basis," "depreciation," and all -- at one point turbotax had my tax bill at over 40k, but i coaxed it down to 12, so i feel ok about it now --- i think i had duplicated some entries --- it's the last of the rentman activities, so, yay!

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Anonymous said...

So glad the Rentman persona can be gone. Congratulations for getting the tax for 2017 sorted out, as selling property is a nightmare when involving IRS.