17 January 2018

a real winter in dixie

first, they forecast nothing, then maybe half inch of snow, or maybe an inch, or not as the storm seemed to be breaking up as it got closer --- but it snowed lightly most of the night and we had close to two inches of fine powdery snow --- second decent snow this season, and a lot of years we don't get any ---
but not all that much fun to be out in it --- low of 12 degrees or some such this morning and 17 tomorrow morning --- average is a high of 52 and low of 33

guinness has enjoyed going out in it. i think --- even if it doesn't take much of a little drift at the curb to be up to his chest

it is not often that one sees nearly all of the deep south covered in snow --- there was snow or sleet in all fifty states this morning!


Anonymous said...

it was a good snow. happy to get the full menu of weather possibilities . hope we get more, but for guiness having his wet fur.

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