27 January 2018

what am i leaving out?

after a couple of distressing interactions this week with people i care about, i've been thinking about the different sorts of people who have put us here in trumpistan and, for a start, came up with: money grubbers; religious zealots; racists, nativists, and white supremacists; and inexplicably dumb people


Anonymous said...

Glad you could walk Guinness in the wildlife. Dexter seems to be Grieving 45 too.

Brian Coffey said...

I have trouble talking to people I meet for the first time, trying to gauge their sensibilities and fearing that an initially positive encounter might devolve into an awkward confrontation when I find out by what they say that they are a Trumper. That's happened a few times over the last year. Luckily, most of my family and friends are fairly progressive, so it's the strangers I meet that could pose a problem.

I would add "shortsighted" to your list, though that is a lot like selfish/greedy.

Anonymous said...

after 3 times thinking about this, That pretty much covers it. Except for stress relief i will add;
fucking idiots.