24 September 2017

skreets alive, peachtree!

 the entire "streets alive!" exercise is a little sad in a way, since it implicitly recognizes that much of peachtree (and other streets) are dead much of the time --- poor atlanner --- but an excellent stroll with cousin boo and, for part of the time, the dog
i have been told that this is mr. biggie smalls, on paper glued to the plywood, which covers a broken window

update: i've been informed that this and the sidewalk hearts are the work of "UnCasso, uncuttart, pyh 423"

they were dancing in woodruff park, with the dude in the blue suit, yellow shirt and yellow shoes winning the fashion-forward award hands down


Anonymous said...

mr. biggie smalls, the work of UnCasso, uncuttart, pyh 423

Brian Coffey said...

I actually know "the dude in the blue suit." I've spoken with him several times, mostly about music. I think he is a former pimp. I also know the guy that plays that djembe drum who, I was told, provided the beat for his dancing. The drummer plays on Broad St. for the lunch crowd. He is actually pretty good. I got him to play "Be Thankful For What You Got" and the lunch crowd really liked it. That's a very versatile drum; kinda like a portable conga drum.