06 September 2017

i'm over it

i have again spent too much of recent nights tossing and turning about what trump and the republicans are doing to the country, and to the world --- thinking of the hundreds of thousands of immigrant children and young people whose lives have been turned upside down by trump's stupid move on the dreamers, of his ongoing ruination of the epa and most of the rest of the federal government, of his war-mongering, of his enabling of white supremacists and religious fanatics, and of the craven hypocrisy of congressional republicans who allow it all to continue --- i am sure that any friends and most of my relatives (especially those who style themselves "christian") who voted for and continue to support trump and the republican party must be thrilled by their part in saving us from a woman who was so careless with her email --- fukity fuk fuk fuk --- yes, alexis and pam and mike and debbie and rosalyn and all the rest, i do in fact take it very personally --- even though i might be able to hide my gay if i wanted to, i feel like i have an idea about how jews felt when they watched their long-time gentile friends desert them when push came to shove in nazi germany --- i thought that was the case with "family" in 2004 when the republicans were flogging the anti-same-sex marriage constitutional amendments, but i guess i hoped it was part of a learning curve --- apparently it was not ---


Anonymous said...

and stop telling me the republicans have limits as to how far they will go. Just hoping i will not be in an orange suit in the middle of some quonset hut village, far away from the good people of USA.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you are so unhappy

tomitron said...

save your sorrow --- i'm not so unhappy as i am disgusted by the actions of some of those around me --- otherwise i can't complain