18 August 2017


five days and 65 or so miles walked and a bunch more riding subway, bus, and trolley ---
godfrey hotel on washington st, next door to a t stop and a block or so from the common ---

yeah, yeah, another library --- hmph --- i had seen mckim's boston public library building (1895) from the outside, but the inside, oh, my --- a magnificent place --- sargent's "the triumph of religion" was overwhelming

arlington church (1861), trinitarian universalist, and site of first state-sanctioned same-sex wedding in the country --- spectacular tiffany glass

trinity was half covered with scaffolding, but any part of it is a visual feast

the fens (1879), an urban wild by f.l. olmsted --- purty great park ---
i could not drag myself off the streets long enough to work in the mfa --- next time


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wish we had a statue of an appeal to the great spirit.