27 August 2017

excursion to the east side

i walked over to meet adh at candler park yesterday to watch pk's water ballet, which we did not see because we had the time wrong and got tired of waiting for it to start --- another time maybe

i also wanted to check out the tiny house show at ponce mkt --- the show was underwhelming --- just a different kind of mobile home --- even with large windows and skylights, i would find them very claustrophobic but there were long lines to go inside, even if you could see everything from the front door --- except a bathroom, which must have been up in there somewhere

dog didn't go with me, but at one point i stopped to take a picture and had a flash "omg! where's guinness?"

can't have nothing nice anymore

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Anonymous said...

the wooden RVs were underwhelming. the walk was great , and sky studies are calming. thanks.