06 July 2017

i am no longer the rent man

we closed on the sale of 3578 e main st in college park this afternoon --- it remains an excellent house, but what a glorious release it is to be out from under it, especially since my name was the only one on the mortgage --- it was, and will remain, the last of my rental property

the new owner was the first to look at it when it went on the market in early spring but his then-agent discouraged him --- came back later, without agent, and here we are --- he seems to be the best and will not be an absentee landlord, but will live there and am purty sure he will do right by the house --- if i were his age, i would be jazzed about it too

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Anonymous said...

what a great way for the house to progress. it is a great house and i am so glad it will be loved.