02 April 2017

the western viewshed

since i moved here in dec 2005, fifteen high-rises, mostly apartments, have been completed or are nearly so, just within my viewshed, which is basically south of fourteenth street and west of peachtree --- another three are coming out of the ground and will be completed next year ---almost as many have been built within six or eight blocks north and east of here --- the image above is a composite of images from 2006 --- inexplicably, i did not continue the panorama to the south --- i am an idiot for not making a better record of all the building construction i've witnessed

i also realized that one can see at least ninety-five buildings in that same viewshed, ranging in age from 1888 to day before yesterday --- plus crescent avenue, which marks the route of the antebellum peachtree road through midtown

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Brian Coffey said...

Great work and good list. Atlanta will be YUGE!