19 April 2017

aged comestibles

i got a bottle of 30 yr old port for a late b'day remembrance --- haven't tried it yet, but it's probably purty good

this punkin unit, on the other hand, has been sitting on my counter since last october --- it's gotten a lot lighter, but so far, no rot ---

i made pickle over the weekend --- they'll be ready to eat next week --- i also started a ginger "bug," which is much like sour-dough starter in that you start a fermentation process and just keep feeding it

in addition today i found a hunk of fruitcake in the back of the pantry, probably dating to november 2015 --- still quite moist --- dribbled a little more whiskey on it and put it back to age some more
it won't be long til there's ginger beer!


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Let us know how that ginger bug goes. Might be just the thing to add to some Pimm's Cup.