25 September 2014

changing viewsheds

they've commenced work on the 33 peachtree place project, but it's unclear how the building will impact my thirteenth-floor viewshed,since their stupid rendering gives you no clue as to orientation
meanwhile on the west side of peachtree between fourth and fifth, work for the new 780  peachtree project has begun 
that was the site of the old first baptist church, before it fled town for the suburbs (purty much all the other historic congregations stayed put) --- 

to build it in 1929, they tore down richard peters' old house, built in 1881 --- he was responsible for most of the early development of what is now midtown atlanta south of eighth street

the two student-oriented apartment towers down on spring street are also moving right along and another apt tower is about to go up on west peachtree at fourteenth --- ditto for the prissy little starbucks tower on peachtree at seventh, site of one of the sleaziest krystals around in the 1970s --- it's a whole lot of building going on, and a bunch more "announced," all portending a whole lot more people all up in here --- yay, midtown

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