27 August 2014

ups and downs

drove over to robert's to let the guys in to fix his sliding doors --- i don't usually get to see that fine morning view of the skyline

i also don't usually rear-end somebody who stops suddenly as i am tooling home along n. decatur road, admiring the architecture (which between lullwater and n. highland is purty excellent) --- nobody hurt and his car hardly at all --- my airbags did not deploy, since it was a slow-motion crash, but in addition to the body damage, my radiator was punctured so i had to have it towed --- with the car 14 years old (but only 75,000 miles), i am afraid the insurance company will total it --- i might have to rethink the no-new-car thing, or else decide i can live with martha, zip cars, and avis

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh no --- but it doesn't look too bad. was dog in the car ?