28 April 2008

mimus polyglottos

mockingbirds are the best and have great names in english and in latin----there was always one on sinclair avenue who would wake me up some spring mornings, since they like to sing at 4 in the morning--- when i moved, it was good to hear one over here my first spring---since then i've seen and heard him a lot---he and/or she even stopped on my balcony railing for a brief moment one day---now the bird is apparently nesting in the trees and shrubs at the back of the old bank lot----it was dive bombing guinness, and as i was watching him raising hell on top of the wall at the back of the property, this woman stopped and asked if it was the bird "that liked to touch people"---i said it might have a nest, just as a second guy stopped to say the bird had pecked him on the head---when i told robert he said it had rushed at him the other day, too---they are fierce defenders of their nests, as all the poor people schlepping back and forth to the marta station must be finding out---

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