29 March 2008


there was a fine view down peachtree this morning----1010 is topped out, i think----won't be long till you won't be able to see it like this----

poor craiggie house---was home to atlanta chapter of d.a.r., the second oldest chapter in the country---- massachussetts had given them the building that that state built for the 1895 cotton states exposition at piedmont park---it was a replica of longfellow's house in cambridge, but they never could afford to get it moved and it was finally knocked down around 1912---they built this chapter house on donated land in 1914, but a lot of corners were cut and/or the contractor ripped them off, and the builidng had serious structural issues by the 1990s---one wall was on the verge of collapse, but they got it rebuilt---now the building is all boarded up and looks really sad--

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