08 October 2006

purdy places

cochran road in south fulton has
been one of my favorite places
since the folks took us down there
to watch the river flood in the
1950s---the county paved the
north end of the road and
somebody has just clear cut at
least 200 acres---but there
aren't many places like it less
than 20 miles from five points---
and the view north from the site
of campbellton is just the best----

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Interstitial. Can I say that? That's what places like that are, and they are wicked important. Unfortunately, they are also PRIME real estate, egspecially here in The ATL. Ha ha. I know you hate use of "The ATL." HOTlanta. Ha ha.

Did you make a nice pillow from Hersh's hair, or is that a little too creepy?