28 October 2006

end times

what a mess we are in:

For a quarter of a century – roughly since the start of the Reagan Coma of Good Feelings through the end of the Bush Catastrophe – we have been a nation aggressively asleep.

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Anonymous said...

David Brooks is not a total dick. He's a dick, for sure, but the emotion I feel with him is pitty. I pitty him. He can't really go anywhere but to some place outside the fray; he's put himself in the Catbird's Seat and comes off as, well, a dick. It's like you want to like him and you want him to be an old-school liberal Jew, but he won't do it. Give him credit for at least acknowledging the failures of the GOP.

But between you and me, he's just not a very good analyst , either of American culture or politics. He's just not that smart.

BTW. I heard Andrew Sullivan (with Brooks) on CSPAN yesterday. Like Apples (golden ones) to oranges (moldy ones).