20 January 2020

square pegs and round holes

sometimes, for planning purposes, i rehearse a scenario in my addled mind, just to see what it feels like — e.g., what would happen if i took the little shit back to the beagle pound? i'm not gonna do that, but i kinda feel sorry for him sometimes when he's pacing around looking out the windows — he drinks massive amounts of water, which has to go somewhere, and when it happens inside, it is no minor puddle — if i take him out every 3 hours, he's ok, but, law me, ain't nobody got time for that — nevertheless, because he's so stupid sweet otherwise, i guess i am just resigned to doing it and being glad to feel very well exercised all the time as a result --- we don't call him kuntry kenny for nothing

1 comment:

Rathayatra said...

is he drinking more water than average ? i walk YoG about 5 times a day. i guess she gets bored and hope that is entertaining. we do get lots of exercise. cut the water off about 8 or 9 pm , if he cannot go through the night. Country Kenny.......you are a city man now.