22 March 2019

boom town austin

we met an old nps friend and his wife at georgetown, and they took us to the deep eddy vodka joint in the wilds of dripping springs ----texas military institute (ca 1868)
but omg austin --- i was there last in 1986, and it's over twice as big now --- the UT tower, the site of our first domestic massacre by a fukd up white man (sixteen killed in 1966), and the dome of the capitol are difficult to discern in the skyline today --- our friends drove us around and we saw a little of sixth street but not much of anything until a drive and walk to the top of mount bonnell

the park at the top is called covert park, apropo i thought, given the numerous trails i observed meandering off into the bushes --- turned out to be the family name of the donors of the land
the graffiti park, located just off 11th street, west of the capitol, was great,
--- started in olden times, 2011, on the foundations of a failed residential development, and now, lo and behold, is "iconic" --- also since the first of the year at least, it has been behind chain-link fencing, under armed guard

the armed guard seems a little pointless given they're gonna tear it all up anyway --- but people sue and what not and the new owners' accountant suggested restricting access i'm sure ---

graffiti art is by nature ephemeral, i guess, but still . . . . especially irritating in this rendering is the little slash of color across the front there

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