07 February 2019

an excellent surprise

ms troy texted the availability of tix for "infinity mirrors" for this evening and, of course, i accepted — this is the tail end of the exhibit, which i thought i would not see
this is a really great seating device in the lobby, but the image may fail to convey that thought — nevertheless
crazy young'uns
but the lines! THE LINES!!! first, to get in, and then for each of the seven parts of the exhibit—that's what hype can accomplish and make a "blockbuster" exhibit a pain in the ass

 this is viewed through an aperture that is maybe four inches in diameter --- purty great
howsomever, the interminable lines worked our collective nerves and we took an early exit --- a great evening, especially since for the tickets we did  not pay --- thanks, mary

all in all, i think this single room at the peabody-essex in salem, mass, that i saw  year before last was a better experience

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