20 January 2019

battered and bruised

the last twelve months or so have taken a toll of sorts on me physically --- xmas 2017, the heart attack and new stent, all of which worked out okee dokee in the end
then the night before i left for the redwoods-and-volcanoes excursion to california in late may, the trunk lid slammed down on my head, necessitating a few hours in the emergency room sewing it back up ---
in october when we were in cdmx for dia de muertos, we were sightseeing and, not watching where i was going, i tripped over a knee-high street bollard --- i got about the twenty-fifth big ol' knot on my head, but didn't lose consciousness, and only minor headaches afterwards --- 

then the other day i had the bright idea of meeting mary and her dogs at arabia mountain --- i had guinness and her little shit, and as we were coming down the mountain, they decided i wasn't moving fast enough and took off, which led me to trip and fall over and for the little shit to get away --- finally found him after, understandably, much screaming and crying by mary --- the bruise on my arm is the most awesome one i've ever had --- the one on my hip is not quite as awesome ---

and, no, alcohol was not involved in any of these events --- i'm not sure what i could have done to prevent them either, other than sit home

and wonder of wonders, i can still say that i have never broken a bone, although the condition of my prefrontal cortex might be kinda sketchy by now ---- most miraculously of all, thanks to medicare and blue cross, i had no co-pays except for a few extra meds ---

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Rathayatra said...

sturdy body. That is an awesome bruise . my god .