09 May 2018

garden update

the maxillaria has done its thing so my bedroom doesn't smell like coconut anymore --- the mae-memorial phalaenopsis is on its way out, too, much sooner than i had hoped --- last year it stayed in bloom for most of six months --- but six of nine in the oncidium alliance are now in blossom, joining the ongoing zygopetalum efflorescence and the just-budding dendrobium ---

sometimes i think i ought to be documenting the downfall of the republic instead of watching the dog sleep --- it's gonna make a great story some day --- 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dog Journal is more appealing as the downfall of the world is front and center everywhere. We sit by helpless. the letters i write are seen by blind people with no intention of having it read to them. Gracie keeps me from despair.