26 May 2015

balcony house

it's a trip getting into and out of balcony house, with ladders going and coming --- 

balcony house (late 13th century), so-called for little elevated walkways that ran on the outside of several buildings --- some of the wooden lookouts that supported the walk are still there and one run still has its yucca and clay walk intact

it's the only cliff dwelling that one can actually walk through and stick one's head in rooms and what not ---
when the place was occupied, there was only one way in and one way out, and that was through this tunnel --- the opening at the far end is barely 20" by 24", and the indians stuck a big boulder right in the middle, so that it is impossible fore somebody to just go charging through ---

some fool three weeks out of the hospital from a knee replacement got stuck in there for two hours a while back

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Anonymous said...

oh wow all those ladders. how wonderful.