08 March 2012

uglying up peachtree

after destroying the elegant intersection of p'tree and p'tree circle on the north side of colony square, now they're doing the same thing for the not-quite-so-elegant but still great intersection of p'tree and ponce de leon --- the residents of the ponce apartments are irate --- part of a city historic district, the ponce was designed specifically for the curve of that intersection, which dates to construction of a mule-drawn streetcar to ponce de leon springs in 1874 --- you just can't have nothing nice in this city ---

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Sally Flocks, PEDS said...

The changes to the intersection of Peachtree Street and 15th Street -- which the blogger incorrectly referred to as intersection of Ptree St and Ptree Circle -- have greatly increased pedestrian safety. They also created an attractive public space for people to gather. PEDS recognized the Midtown Alliance with a Golden Shoe Award following the comletion of this project. We look forward to additional road diets. Wide curves encourage speeding traffic. Like NYC has been doing, the City of Atlanta needs to reallocate the public ROW so that more of it can be used by people outside cars.