13 September 2009

from the council candidate

this is part of steve brodie's response to my letter

. . . The incident at the Eagle has raised an acute awareness of the issue of police leadership that I have been addressing for several years now and is a cornerstone of my campaign. The impact and concern we have seen in the community is a direct result of ineffective leadership at the very top of the police department. The leader sets a tone and is responsible for communicating with the citizens; there has been complete failure in this case and too many others.

This investigation and action at the Eagle clearly demonstrates that the leadership of APD does not understand the priorities of the community. Atlanta needs police leadership that actually knows the community and does not lead based on politics, personal relationships or perceptions. We need leadership that will take action to reduce personal crimes, home invasions etc rather than appeasing the influential and politically connected with the pursuit of victimless crimes. Atlanta is in a public safety crisis; we need to get our priorities in order! . . . .

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