28 January 2009


i have sorta backed off the total engagement with the news cycle, but it’s aggravating that all the republicans’ bitching has defined what should and should not be part of the “stimulus package” ----if it doesn’t involve a shovel and isn’t “shovel- ready,” it ain’t real work and doesn’t deserve any attention----they negate all of the time, energy, and resources that go into research, development, planning, and all, and along with it the employment of architects, engineers, draftspersons, and a gazillion other professions----and of course, as they always do, they negate the humanities and the arts by implying that money there would not stimulate anything----all us worthless artists and humanists spend money, too, you stupid twits---and god forbid that any part of the "stimulus package" relate to sex cause then nobody would be able to talk about it with a straight face---any kind of family planning out the window---no jobs there, move along----the republicans are nothing but a bunch of penny-pinching, sex-obsessed philistines, oblivious to what is by far the biggest problem we’ve got right now, which is how to get some economic activity going on---

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