21 March 2017

update on the orchidaceae

 the yellow oncidium has been at it since january but is fading now --- still it has the excellent habit of retaining its blossoms to more or less dry on the stem

i call this stalwart of the oncidium alliance "big urnge" --- pseudobulb, leaves, and blossoms are all large --- the first stem is around 30" long and is just starting to open --- a second stem is close behind ---

but one of the space-alien pair has two nice stems open and the other one of the pair has a nice single stem in full flower ---
the dendrobium is looking nice, but would look better if i had not broken a second stem --- the zygopetalum has two stems that may start opening next week --- 

and the white phaleonopsis that cousin mae gave me at christmas is still wonderful, three months later

19 March 2017

spring fever

another sunday morning at atl bot gdn, con robert, sans mary --- i was surprised at how little had been damaged by the late freeze, although there were some sad plants here and there

a surprise this morning was the atlanta bonsai society show, which precipitated this:  a common sight at the garden is a husband/boyfriend who had just as soon not be there, but this twenty-something guy was all about the bonsai --- had a shirt on with "bacon, beer, and bonsai" on the front --- i had to compliment him and found out that while he really liked bonsai, he couldn't really afford to buy any and besides they take so much time on a very regular basis and he was all into dirt biking right now, which didn't have all of those immediate requirements --- he will be my husband in my next life, in spite of the bacon

this is on a very large native azalea that i was sure would be ruined in last week's freeze --- but it wasn't at all

18 March 2017

west midtown

robt and i gave some foot traffic to the west side and went over to the goat farm spring show --- great walk, if the ongoing demolition of the old tenth st baptist church was a little disappointing

i think they made a mistake branding it "west midtown" --- it bears few comparisons to midtown proper

11 March 2017

way too early for spring

the red oak across the street is at least three weeks early and likewise the dogwood and bearded iris here and there --- all i can think of is how this means an extra three weeks or month of miserable, sweltering summer --- but maybe not

09 March 2017

an image from olden times

judy dalton, myself, and michele glankler, my first girlfriend, ca. 1966 --- she posted this today but we can't remember the occasion --- i think we are both in our six-flags-over-georgia work getups

west downtown

dog got left at home again today while i did a loop over to vine city via techwood drive, centennial park, and magnolia street underpass--- fitbit figures it was 6.79 miles ---

grace towns hamilton's house (1950) is in ruinous condition and her father's house (1910) next door is fire damaged and boarded up --- the herndon house looks good but all of the morris brown buildings are boarded up and deteriorating ---

a great boulder marks the grave of atlanta university's first president, massachusetts-born edmund asa ware (1837-1885) ---
a sad lonely corner of the city these days

the sign says it's a "a true public-private partnership," whatever that means --- the taxpayers build a building that mercedes-benz can use for a billboard ---- grrrrrr

08 March 2017

the orchidacae

i bought this dendrobium the day i closed on my unit here in december 2005, at the kroger i think when i dropped by for some cleaning supplies --- it just sat there after that for year after year until 2015 when it decided to bloom again --- did so again last year, but this is the best so far

07 March 2017

a walk to west end

poor dog --- he's starting to get tired of the miles-long walks, or maybe i'm just too impatient --- he can do three or four miles, but it'll be slow miles --- today i left him at home and walked to west end

peachtree to forsyth to whitehall --- falling backwards through time through the decay of south downtown ---- four miles and an hour and a half or two or so, what with dawdling to take pictures and what not --- caught the train back only because it was threatening rain ---

the stub of alexander street, one of the oldest streets in the city
blackberries blooming first week of march ain't right

i've passed through this intersection for as long as i can remember and i'm not sure i ever noticed these stairs --- a disparity of materials in what is the head of the peters street viaduct warrants continued interaction

the fetid side of whitehall